Hey Oli,

I've been watching your content for some time now and I've been making videos within the finance space for about 5 years. My best year was during the pandemic where I gained over 900k subs in 1 year after struggling to hit my first 100k subs for the 3 years so I have some insight I can share from my experience of being within this space.

1. Within finance videos tend to blow up in random times, usually a month or two after its been uploaded. When YT's algorithm finds the right audience it'll push it hard. You might see that a majority of traffic is coming from YT browse & if thats the case the algorithm really likes it.

A few months ago I had a random video I posted 3-4 months ago that got 700k views in under a week and all of it came from browse.

2. If you want evergreen videos that get views for years vs months you want to hit the YT suggested feed on other videos. That's where super ever green videos live and some of my videos I made years ago which have generated me over $300k in adsense continue to thrive there.

3. To get on either browse / suggested I'd take a deep look at the reach and engagement tab on your studio. Within the engagement tab you'll notice that as the video picks up the avg view duration goes down as youtube is trying to find the right audience to continue feeding it too but Im sure before it got picked up the avg view duration was higher than your usual retention.

I find that if you can keep more than 60% viewer retention within the first 30 seconds of your video, it has the chance of getting picked up.

This here is the hook and its why its so important.

4. Outside of metric components your video has a very strong hook and it's blended in effortlessly with your ability to story tell in sharing your own journey of 2009 & 2010 when you started to get into web development.

If you look at your audience tab you'll probably see that all of our viewers are new to the channel and they haven't seen your video before, so in sharing your story you also build a relationship with the viewer who hasnt seen you before

5. At it's core people can easily listen to real life stories vs just information presented to them and I believe for this reason a new viewer to your channel is both learning and your also building credibility in the information on whats to come so it subconsciously winds them in to finish watching the video.

Keep up the good work!

Brian Jung

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Love the 2 app recommendations for time tracking and goal setting!

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