Everything in life has some attached value to it. That value can vary from being worthless to being priceless. Some things people value include money (duh), material objects, fit body, relationships…etc. Usually when something has value, it is not easy to attain.
10 learnings.
I’ve had these two tweets saved for a while. It’s amazing what people will do to not justify an investment in themselves. I see this time and time…
Short and simple hard truths. Some controversial. Some learned from experience. Karma doesn’t exist. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen…
A superpower that all of us have but don’t tap into enough or put in to action is the act of creating. Wealth for a lot of people is the act of owning…
Most people can only change when the pain of their current situation becomes greater than the pain of changing. I think a lot about what it takes to…
Controlling the madness.
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