The Manual #7

Get the work you want.

Get the work you want

Ever wondered how you can get the projects you want to work on or get the job you want? Make it all about who are you before you get it.

Want to photograph cars? Put car photography in your portfolio.

Want to design apps and not websites? Put app designs in your portfolio.

Want to shoot music videos? Put music videos in your portfolio.

It’s so easy to share the work you’ve already done for numerous clients and it can be a mix and mash of everything. But if you want to do something in particular, only share work similar to that thing.

I recently shared on Instagram that I was looking for a 3D designer to make me a YouTube intro and I got many submissions. They were great, I saw some amazing 3D work. However only a handful were actually relevant to what I was looking for. Most of the profiles had a mix of work not totally relevant to what I was after. And it was a shame because I probably overlooked some profiles that could have made me a YouTube intro, but they didn’t have anything similar in their portfolio.

So next time you apply for any job, customise your resume or portfolio to the job you’re applying for. It will increase your likelihood of getting hired greatly. It doesn’t even have to be client work, it can be stuff you’ve worked on in your free time — completely made up projects.

How I Invest & My Favourite Trading App

I recently shared a video on some of my investment philosophies. You can watch that here if you’re interested.

I also mentioned in the video that I would share all of the shares/stocks that I have, so here is the list:

  • Tesla

  • Shopify

  • Apple

  • Amazon

  • Zoom

  • Nvidia

  • S&P 500

  • Cloudflare

  • AMD

  • FTSE All World

  • PayPal

  • Alphabet

  • Spotify

  • Facebook

  • Microsoft

  • Nike

  • Adobe

  • Match

  • Beyond Meat

  • 3i

  • JD Sports

  • AbbVie

  • Etsy

  • Mcdonalds

  • Starbucks

  • Renewables Infrastructure

  • Slack

  • Pinterest

  • Autotrader

  • Greggs

  • Coca Cola

  • Twitter

  • Dropbox

I’m continually adding and taking away from the list, so maybe a year from now I’ll share the list again.

Second YouTube Channel

Some of you will already be subscribed but I recently launched a second YouTube channel. I’ll be slowly moving over all finance and business related content to this channel. I wanted to keep my main channel focused on more premium tech and lifestyle content. With this second channel I’ll be sharing more nitty gritty stuff like how to start your own merch store like and

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Link Lowdown

A collection of links to stuff I think worth sharing.

Apple Plans to Release New iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro — Very excited for this as I’m looking forward to seeing more powerful versions of the M1 chip, maybe M1X?

Programmer Has Two Guesses Left To Get Access To His Bitcoin — Apparently the wallet is worth over $200 million! How insane and scary at the same time.

No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees — Great article from Sahil, the founder of Gumroad, on how he runs the company and how it’s got to where it is now.

Descript — Pretty interesting service that can transcribe and even correct anything you say in video/audio using AI.

Alpha Motors — An interesting looking electric car.

Keystroke Pro — Sweet looking key stroke visualiser.

Paste Clipboard Manager — Mac app that saves from your clipboard. Looking forward to making this part of my everyday workflow. — A way to make your own private community. Tempted to make my own if there’s enough interest. Leave a comment if you’re interested.

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