The Manual #11

The best revenge is massive success.

I saw a tweet recently by David Perell where he shared an email he received from a guy from college. TLDR: David used to be mocked by his peers on what he was doing. David then discovers success in his work and his peers are left with nothing to say.

A lot of people go through this. People who start stuff. Build stuff. Create something. They’re mocked by friends and even sometimes family.

I went through exactly the same.

I remember when I started messing around with designing interfaces, building websites and sharing stuff on social media, I was mocked by some of my so called “friends”. Even my family didn’t support me in my endeavours.

I can count on one hand the amount of people who supported what I did. I’ll be forever grateful to them for it. But it’s still such a difficult thing to go through because you go through it completely alone. It feels as though everything is against you. To not even have support from some of your own family makes you question whether what you’re doing is going to work out.

The best revenge is massive success.

I hate to use the word revenge as it implies hurting someone because they hurt you. But it is incredibly satisfying to see yourself and others succeed when others said they wouldn't.

You have to be somewhat delusional sometimes and not listen to what others have to say. You have to see something that others can’t.

So next time you’re making something happen. Ignore the people who aren’t making anything happen.

Skillshare Classes

If you didn’t know already, I have a few Skillshare classes up. I plan to publish more over the coming year so make sure to sign up and follow me to be notified of when they go live.

Oliur’s Skillshare ->

Passive Income Ideas for 2021

I published a new video covering some passive income ideas for 2021 and how I make over $100k from my projects.

Watch it here ->

Higher Quality Audio Makes You Sound Smarter

I read an incredible post about how higher quality sound makes you sound smarter by Thomas McKinlay.

Bad audio quality makes us think less of a speaker and what they’re saying. In an experiment people rated a physicist’s talk nearly 20% better when they listened to it in high quality audio vs slightly distorted.

I’ve said many times in the past audio quality is super important in YouTube videos. It’s much more important than video quality. People will happily watch ok quality footage but no one can stand poor quality audio.

Three mics I recommend at different price points:

Rich People Never Sell Their Capital

My friend Ric Burton tweeted something that I don’t think a lot of people realise. Once you have enough investments, you can borrow against them when you need cash.

Link Lowdown

A collection of links to stuff I think are worth sharing.

Itsycal for Mac — A menubar widget that replaces your date. I’ve switched over to it and it’s awesome.

Iconic — Free do what you want icons.

How To Design Nearly Any UI Element — A list of 58 articles to help you design anything and everything. — Design inspiration and design freebies.

Domain Page — A domain manager.

ImgDownloader - A powerful image downloader.

Haikei — Generate unique SVG assets.

Noizio — Ambient background noise perfect for when you’re working.

Be My Eyes — Absolutely incredible service where you can help people who are blind.